Learn piano and Spark your musical mind!

It’s easy. It’s fun. It’s everything you want!


So ... you're ready to learn the piano?

If you start now, you can be playing tunes in less than 30 minutes! 

  • Find out where to put your hands
  • Learn how each finger is allocated to specific notes
  • Learn to play with different fingers of each hand – at the same time
  • Learn how to find new positions and new notes on the piano
  • Our video tutorials will show you how!

Can I really learn how to read music?

YES!  And it’s easier than you think.  You can play anything when you read music!

  • Learn to read starting with just 3 notes
  • Learn about line notes and space notes, long and short notes, black and white notes
  • Learn patterns which help identify notes
  • You will soon be able to play the right notes, instead of guessing

Do you want even more fun?

Extra features for your enjoyment and complete learning experience include;

  • Quizzes – a fun way to test your knowledge
  • Backing Tracks – play along with a band or orchestra, and sound like a pro
  • Spotlight on Piano – extra fun performance pieces to play for family and friends

Piano Spark Method Book

The essential piano method book every new piano student needs.


All courses are available individually and include video tutorials to help you learn.


Piano SPARK – Module 4 PLUS

Explore key signatures, more fun scales, the famous 7th chords, arpeggios and LH styles and patterns for a cool bass sound.


Piano SPARK – Module 3 PLUS

Find out how you can make up your own song using Chord Progressions. Learning is fun while moving around the keys!


Piano SPARK – Module 2 PLUS

Play lots of fun pieces while moving around the piano. Learn about Quavers, the complete major scale pattern and chords.

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Client Testimonials

Learning piano from Sandy has been amazing.  Over the last 2 years the Piano Spark method has helped me progress really fast.  I went from not being able to read sheet music to being able to fluently read it and play many songs.

Harry, 15


You won’t learn to mimic songs in Piano Spark, rather you’ll learn the musical method in a fun, easy way which will allow you to be a great pianist!  Playing piano along with the carefully curated backing tracks makes you feel like a real musician.

Jacqui, 22


Piano Spark has a good learning progression which really helps me learn the piano.  Being able to play a piece perfectly really draws me in.

Chris, 17


Start your piano journey today!

Learn piano like never before with this engaging, easy to use learning
method, designed to be fun.