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Each course includes access to lessons, topics and worksheets and quizzes, backing tracks, and Spotlight on Piano performance pieces

Piano SPARK – Getting Started

Discover how easy note-reading is. Play lots of fun pieces in the A position while learning the basics.


Piano SPARK – Module 1 PLUS

Progress your note-reading skills with the fun C Position. Learn new techniques and positions 1 step at a time.


Piano SPARK – Module 2 PLUS

Play lots of fun pieces while moving around the piano. Learn about Quavers, the complete major scale pattern and chords.


Piano SPARK – Module 3 PLUS

Find out how you can make up your own song using Chord Progressions. Learning is fun while moving around the keys!

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Learn note-reading

Reading music makes your playing so much more enjoyable. You can play faster and you can play anything when you read music. Don’t miss this great opportunity to learn note-reading while you learn to play!

Sound amazing

Show your family and friends how good you are - they might want to learn too! Sound like a pro and play along with band or orchestra backing tracks to really show-off your skills.

Quiz yourself

‘C’ is a line note. True or False? Well, it all depends on which C it is! Test your knowledge with our quizzes and find out if you’ve forgotten anything. A fun way to enhance your learning experience.

The spotlight is on you

Play for family and friends with Spotlight on Piano performance pieces. So many to choose from, all at your level. Learn for your own satisfaction or plan a concert!

Get creative

Write your own music by experimenting with different notes at the piano - then play your masterpiece!  Downloadable workbooks will show you how easy it is.

Explore your musical mind

Do you love all sorts of music? Well, that’s exactly what you will learn. From beautiful, flowing classic music to fun rock and pop styles. It’s all here waiting for you.

Spark the music within

Learn to play the piano RIGHT from the start. Be inspired. Get creative and satisfy your musical mind. Piano Spark is an exciting introduction to playing the piano!

Educational Musical Fun!

A complete learning experience for anyone wanting to understand note-reading while they play. It's just so easy 🙂

Client Testimonials

Learning piano from Sandy has been amazing.  Over the last 2 years the Piano Spark method has helped me progress really fast.  I went from not being able to read sheet music to being able to fluently read it and play many songs.

Harry, 15


You won’t learn to mimic songs in Piano Spark, rather you’ll learn the musical method in a fun, easy way which will allow you to be a great pianist!  Playing piano along with the carefully curated backing tracks makes you feel like a real musician.

Jacqui, 22


Piano Spark has a good learning progression which really helps me learn the piano.  Being able to play a piece perfectly really draws me in.

Chris, 17