I’ve heard the piano is the best instrument to learn first. Is this true?


November 7, 2022

YOU BET!  If you want to learn how to read and play music correctly … piano is the best place to start for a complete understanding of the written note. 

Is reading music hard?

Nope!  Piano Spark starts with just 3 notes – A, C and E!  You’ll learn lots of cool tricks with these notes. Not hard, believe me!

Will I have fun?  I don’t want to be bored …

 You definitely WILL have fun.  Piano Spark is really entertaining with lots of fun music to learn and extra stuff online. Soon, you’ll be showing your friends how good you are! 

Do I need a teacher?

The Piano Spark online courses include video tutorials which will guide your every step 🙂

However, if you choose to learn from the Piano Spark Method Book, you will benefit from having your own private teacher. 

What will I be learning?

Note-reading, 5-finger positions, chords and left hand patterns.  Modern tunes, traditional tunes, short and long tunes plus lots of different ways to play a single note!

Do I have to learn boring music like scales?

They might seem boring when you’re learning them, but they’re a very important part of music.  PLUS, it’s super fun playing scales fast!  Don’t worry, you won’t be bored!

I have a keyboard at home. When can I start?

You can start any time you like – everything you need is right here 🙂

Learn with Piano Spark!

The new piano course that will get you reading and playing music just like you’ve always wanted to!

Are you ready to learn?

View our courses here.

View the Piano Spark Method Book here.

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